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Agency Growth Plans

Introducing the Growth Explorer Agency Subscription Plan

By Unbranded Space

Our Unbranded Space Explorer plan is designed specifically as a pre-marketing campaign OR website design service. We will use high-end research tools to uncover the keyword and content marketing potential for your website. As well as researching your business and its products and services we will uncover how your competitor’s websites are performing in Organic Search. Extensive research is undertaken into keyword potential and you will be presented with a detailed content strategy for your marketing campaign or website.

Growth Explorer Plan Features

Flexible Briefs

  • No complicated briefs or design contracts to navigate1.
  • No fixed number of changes or revisions. Request as many changes as you like2
  • Request extra work as you need it2

Priority Expert Service

  • Your hours are pre-allocated and locked-in giving you priority over other requests for work from non-subscribers
  • Get senior-level designer or developer experience for your business at a fraction of what it would cost to employ your own team.

Great Savings

  • Save potentially thousands of dollars on your project!
    All plans provide a discount on our standard hourly rate. 
  • Lock-in pricing for the duration of your subscription and protect against possible price increases.

Pause Your Subscription

  • Our plans provide the opportunity to pause your subscription on a 3 or 6-month subscription period.
  • This means unforeseen or planned delays are allowed for, preventing you from paying for unused time. 
  • Plan Pause Effectively allows you to double the duration of your Subscription period.
  1. A standard set of Terms & Conditions do still apply.
  2. You can request as many changes or as much work as you like, but your plan is still limited by the hours allocated to it. If we feel your requests are likely to take you above your plans hours then we will contact you first before commencing.

Growth Explorer Plan Pricing


1 month

3 Months

6 Months

Cost & Savings Amount

Prices in AUD and Exclude GST, VAT or other taxes

Pause Requests

Total Pause Duration


Plan Pausing Explained

Plan Pausing allows you to pause your subscription at the end of any month during your subscription period. You can pause the subscription for up to the number of months indicated by Total Pause Duration. 

Total Pause Duration represents the total cumulative number of months your plan can be paused during a subscription period.

Pause Requests is the number of times you can pause your plan during a single subscription period. You can pause for any duration indicated by the Total Pause Duration, however, your accumulated number of paused months through your plan subscription cannot exceed the Total Pause Duration. 

An Example of Plan Pause in Action

It has been agreed that a 3-month Developer plan is required for creating your website.

The first month is taken up initially with Discovery. This is where we research your company, your competitors & Search Engine Marketing potential. We develop a Content Strategy & Sitemap for overall architecture and then catch up with you to review.

One result of the review is that it has been agreed that some better quality photos of your products, premises and team are required. We also need detailed product specifications that only you can provide. This is going to take some time to organise, so it has been mutually decided that we will pause the project for one month while photographs and product information is organised. So far we have used up about 50% of the month’s allocated hours, so we will continue to work on the areas we can while we wait for the content. For example, wireframing and copywriting can commence during this time.

Once we have completed as much work as we can within the monthly allocated hours we will stop work for a month, giving you time to organise your content. Then after that month we take your photos and product information and resume where we left off, completing the project within the remaining 2 months.

The project has taken 4 months overall, but thanks to the plan pause feature you only had to pay for 3 of those months. Had it been necessary you could have paused for up to a total of 3 months.

The above is just one example of how Plan Pause can be used to provide flexibility in how Unbranded Space approaches your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Explorer Plan only available as a 1-month option?

The Explorer plan is created for a specific purpose. It is designed so that we can undertake extensive research into your business, your competitors and your website’s keyword potential. It culminates in a content strategy for either a new or redesigned website or a content marketing strategy that might run over a series of months.

Therefore this plan is only required just the one time. The subsequent work such as a website or marketing campaign would then be best allocated to one of the other Agency GRowth plans such as the Booster or Developer plan – depending on what work is required.

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