New Unbranded Space WordPress Dashboard Release

An exciting update as we introduce the latest version of our Admin Dashboard for Wordpress. Simplified and streamlined, we hope you enjoy using our new interface.

Although we haven’t released an update for a while, we have been busy and are excited about the release of our new WordPress Dashboard available for Unbranded Space subscribers.

In updating the dashboard we wanted to streamline and simplify access to the various tools and features or your dashboard. We have given the dashboard a visual overhaul by simplifying our widgets so that they appear as simple icons. This has made the dashboard less confusing allowing our users to clearly identify the tools available to them.

With this release we have also introduced some new features and tools :

  • Email Manager – You can now add / edit and remove email accounts as well as accessing advanced tools for managing emails
  • Request Design Work – Through your dashboard you can now meet your designer and submit a simple form for requesting work.
  • Request a Site TuneUp – You can now put through maintenance requests directly from your dashboard
  • Getting Started – The Getting Started widget features the first in our series of “Getting Started” videos. These videos are designed to give you an overview of your dashboard and the tools, as well as help you understand how these tools can be used together to get the most out of your subscription. We have only just started with these videos with the first 2 parts up and 2 more more to come shortly. We also ask for your indulgence as there are some sound level issues with these first few videos which we will work towards improving over time. You will be able to find the full range of “Getting Started” videos under the LEARN (training) area of your dashboard.

We will be rolling out the new dashboard over the next few weeks. If you want to preview some of the new features you can watch the second video in the “Getting Started” Series below.


View on Youtube

When you are able to view the new dashboard, we hope that you can find time to have a look around and provide us with any feedback – be it problems you encountered, or just things that you did / didn’t like.

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