A Special Gift for Unbranded Space Subscribers

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who has chosen to subscribe with Unbranded Space this year. We have a Christmas gift for you that will keep on giving...
Christmas Thankyou


A brief update this month, but in the spirit of Christmas we are in the giving mode, and want to say thank you to everyone who has chosen to use our services during our early stages of development in 2017.

It is with the help of every one of our subscribers and the feedback that we have received that we have been able to continue to work and improve on the features of our subscription service.

So as way of saying thank you we have created a special reward just for our current subscribers. To take up the offer all you need to do is go and fill in this short form on our website.

2018 – A New Year and New Phase for Unbranded Space

Next year will be another exciting one for us as we plan to publish our new website in February, and this will coincide with us officially entering our “launched” phase. Beyond February we have plans to introduce lots of new features, and will keep you up-to-date via our subscriber newsletter as these become available. In the meantime if you have any suggestions about features you would like to see introduced you can always contact us at admin@unbrandedspace.com.au with your ideas.

More Training Videos for You

We have now finished our first series of videos – the “Getting Started” series. These videos have been fun, but have challenged Paul as he had to “get over” hearing the sound of his own voice. There have also been a few sound level issues, but we are getting better each time we make one. In the forth video about the Email Manager we have even introduced animation to help explain some of the broader concepts discussed.

Our next series of videos will cover “Working With Images”. There are 4 videos in this series and you will learn all about how images work on the web, how to optimise images and we will provide you with some great tools that you can use to edit and optimise images. We have the scripts written for these videos and will be recording them shortly, and they should be appearing in your dashboard in January.

Christmas Hours

We will be taking a break over Xmas and New Year. We will be in close-down From December 23rd, 2017 through to January 9th, 2018. However we are never fully closed so will still be keeping an eye on things and during this period if you need support you can still email support@unbrandedspace.com.au or submit a support request via your dashboard.

So a final thank you to everyone for a great year, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to working with everyone in the new year.

Deb & Paul
Unbranded Space


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