Unbranded Space Officially Launched

Introducing Unbranded Space Unbranded Space is an Albany based Web Design and Marketing consultancy agency. That's right! Our website has officially launched. Learn a little about Unbranded Space, what we have been up to over the past 12 months and what's in store for the future.

We are very proud to announce that Unbranded Space is officially launched.

Introducing Unbranded Space

Unbranded Space is a local Albany based Web Design and Marketing consultancy agency. We have been building websites for local businesses for more than 15 years, however, Unbranded Space is a new direction for us and we also believe it is something new for Albany as well. Over the past year, we have drawn on our years of experience and fashioned a new product for web design & hosting. Unbranded Space features some of the best aspects of current web technology but aims to minimise common pitfalls that businesses encounter when embarking on getting a website. You can find out more under the “What Makes Unbranded Space Special” heading of our home page. 

A Focus on Local Albany Business

With most Internet-based businesses, location is not a limitation, and at Unbranded Space our broader market strategy is to certainly cast as wide a net as possible. However, we live and love Albany and want to remain focused on businesses in Albany and the surrounding region. So, as well as refining the Unbranded Space website, we have also launched a Web Design in Albany landing page letting people know that we are a local business (that’s if you couldn’t already guess from the image of the “Spark Plug”). 

On the Albany Web Design landing page and our main website, we now have 15 templates available with more in the works. Each of these templates features great design and are fully functional websites and some of them also feature some impressive add-on features. Retro-Tech is a functioning online store that uses the WooCommerce E-commerce engine. Therapy Plus and Medi-Pro both have a simple put powerful appointments booking system that can be adapted to suit any type of business. Ventureprise features an events management and booking system. In this example you can make a (pretend) booking for balloon tours around Albany, but the events system can be adapted for many types of business. Photo Pro not only features multiple photo galleries but provides a template for running your own blog. Finally, if these templates don’t sound like much, there are also in excess of 100 individual page templates that can be dropped into any page of your website. These web page templates come courtesy of the Elementor page editor which is our feature page editor. 

This Is Only the Beginning

We have lots more planned over the coming weeks and months. We already think that our product is great, with lots of features available already to our current subscribers. However, we get excited by discovering new things, and then bringing those new things to our clients and showing them how they can improve their business. So there is lots more on the way.

It really is only the beginning and we would love for you to keep track of us. As well as promoting our subscription product, new templates and features we will also be pushing content out to Facebook & Twitter and publishing videos to our YouTube Channel. These are all in early stages but we would love you to follow us on any or all of them. 

Watch this (unbranded) space !

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