Unbranded Space Subscriber News April 2018

Grab yourself a jumbo-sized cup of your favoured beverage and settle in because we have lots of great news for you in this months subscriber update. 

Newsletter Quickview

Save $100 off your next Yearly Subscription

If you know someone who needs a website, then you can help them and yourself by referring them to Unbranded Space. If the referral follows through, then we will add a $100 discount on your next subscription renewal. You can do this as many times as you like and we will give you a further $100 discount each time. So yes it’s possible to get your next yearly subscription with Unbranded Space absolutely free. 

To provide us with a referral you can do one of the following: 

  1. Simply pass on our contact details to a business, and if they make contact and this turns into a website, then the referral has happened and the discount is yours. Don’t forget to tell them to mention your name so we know where the referral has come from. 
  2. Complete this form, with the contact details of a business you are referring to us. We will contact them and if this turns into a website then the referral has happened and the discount is yours. Please make sure you tell the business that we will be contacting them before submitting their details in the referral form.
  3. You will also be able to refer businesses directly from your dashboard. The referral form is located on the “Account Settings” Page of your dashboard. You may not see this straight away but it will show up soon as we roll out dashboard updates through April. 

If you are a monthly subscriber then we haven’t forgotten about you. By referring a business you can get 1 month free if you are on a Start-up, Business or Business Plus plan. Enterprise plan subscribers will receive a $100 discount off their next months’ renewal. 

All discounts quoted include GST

We've Launched Our Graphic Design Page

Fashion Collective Business Set

We have updated our website to now include a page featuring our Graphic Design work. The page features some examples of work and we will be adding more over the coming months. It is also possible to order design work directly from this page. We can do logos, business sets, posters, illustrations, packaging design and pretty much anything else you can think of. Of course being a subscriber you can also order design work directly from your dashboard.

New Subscription Plans Offer Greater Budget Flexibility

Unbranded Space Plans

As of April, our new Unbranded Space subscription plans are up on our website on our pricing page. As an existing subscriber you will remain on the plan that we originally created for you, however, we encourage you to have a look at the new plans and evaluate whether or not you are getting the best value for money.

The Startup Plan is a new low-cost plan designed for very small, low maintenance websites. It is not a fully managed service like the other plans, but it may be worth looking at if you feel the cost of your current plan is too high. We certainly wouldn’t recommend this plan to anyone who is running a blog or online store, but for simple sites, it may be a viable option. We are happy to advise whether or not this plan is suitable for you.

The Business Plan is the plan that is most like existing plans that our subscribers have. It is priced the same and contains all of the features of our previous Business plan

The Business Plus Plan is a new plan that we have created and is ideal for those who have an online store. It includes the cost of a Domain validated SSL and lots more storage space as well as being on a higher grade server. If you are currently running an online store on your existing business plan, then there is no problem staying on that plan, but we recommend that you have a look at Business Plus for future reference. If you start turning over a large volume of visitors and sales, and/or need some extra space to expand your product range, then this plan is an ideal choice.

The Enterprise Plan sees quite a jump in price but is also a very different beast. This is designed for very large websites, that require considerable dedicated resources. Usually it is required where a business needs a network of sub-sites such as a school or university or company with global sub-sites. It is likely to be much more than the average small business will need, but is available should your website require it.

So let us know if you want to discuss the possibility of changing your plan.

Hummingbird Adds Options for Better Caching Control

Hummingbird is the speed optimisation plugin that all subscribers with a business plan or above have running in the background. There are a number of optimisations that this plugin performs and one of the most significant is caching. We explain what caching is on our FAQ page under the technical set of Questions.

Essentially it is a speed optimisation technique that gives your sites load speed a major boost, but it comes with complications, which can be particularly annoying if you are editing your own website.

The latest version of Hummingbird takes one step closer to overcoming this problem by giving you the site admin more control over caching. Look in your left dashboard menu for the Hummingbird Pro menu where you now have three options: Performance Test, Asset Optimization & Caching. Explanations about what they do are available when you select each of these options, but essentially they give you finer control over caching on your website.

You may not see Hummingbird Pro in your dashboard, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have it. By default, we install the plugin but we do not activate the admin menu options unless requested. We do this to try and keep the number of settings in your dashboard to a minimum. If you do not update your website yourself, then you will not need to use Hummingbird. If you are editing your own website, or decide to start doing so and you cannot see the Hummingbird Pro option in your dashboard, then please submit a support request via your dashboard asking us to activate it for you.

New Account Options in Unbranded Space Dashboard

Account Options

We have continued to refine our dashboard and have introduced some new features since our last newsletter. You may have already noticed the account option. This will take you to a new area of your dashboard where at the moment you can manage your subscription by changing plan or billing cycle. You may still see our old plans, but the new ones will show up as we perform further dashboard updates over April. We have plans for more features to add to our accounts section, so keep an eye on this area.

Under our training area, we now have our “Working With Images” series available. As well as these videos, we also have videos on our Youtube Channel.

We have also performed a number of optimisations to our dashboard plugin as well as many little tweaks here and there. This is an ongoing process and we will continue to automatically roll out new features to your dashboard, and keep you updated through our news updates.

Feature Plugin - Forminator


We are always on the lookout for a new plugin that will add value to your website and today we would like to introduce you to “Forminator”. As the name suggests this plugin is for creating forms. No, it isn’t going to become sentient and try to take over the world, but the Terminator analogy is accurate as this is a form designer with awesome power.

You already have forms available through your Elementor Pro subscription, but Forminator allows you to take forms to a new level. It includes two really great features – pagination and conditional logic.

Form Pagination

Form Pagination allows you to break your form into a series of steps across multiple pages. If you have a form that requires a lot of input from your user, then this feature will make your forms a lot simpler and less intimidating for your users.

Conditional Logic

Sounds intimidating, but conditional logic basically means that in your form you can show different content to your user based on the choices they make. So a user can be given choice A or B, and based on that choice a completely different set of further form choices will become available.

We use both Pagination & Conditional Logic in our Design Order Form and Signup Page. In our design form, we present the user with a choice of the type of design they want (ie. logo, business set etc.) and based on this choice we then present further choices that only relate to the type of design the user has chosen.

If you would like to have Forminator available on your website, then let us know and we will install it at no additional cost. There is no coding required, it’s completely customised by click and drag options. Forms can easily be dropped into your website using a shortcode – a small piece of text that you copy and paste into the shortcode widget in Elementor. You can experiment with it and read up on how to use it on the Forminator website. We can also provide training or build the form for you at our standard hourly design/consultation rate.

Feature Templates

Feature Templates April

Our final piece for this update is to mention some of the new templates we have released. You may be wondering why you should look at templates when you already have a website? Well not only do these templates showcase our latest designs, but they also provide practical demonstrations of new plugins that provide additional features that may be useful to you. You never know how much time can be saved until you actually see a feature in operation, and our template websites are a great way for you to make a determination. So without further delay, we’d like to introduce you to …


Ventureprise is designed as a tourism website for promoting regular or season events. The example provided is for balloon rides, but it could also cover bus tours, surfing safaris, whale watching tours and many other business models. The booking system is a calendar that allows the site owner to schedule one-off events or regular events. Site visitors can make a booking and the option exists to process payments online as well.

Finance Plus

Finance Plus is a website designed for accountants and financial advisors, but could easily be adapted to suit a solicitor or other business professionals. It features a bold colour palette and demonstrates that professionalism and reliability don’t have to be restricted to conservative colour choices.

Diner’s Delight

Diner’s Delight is a website template designed for bars & restaurants. It features a vertical menu on desktop computers and laptops which is something that isn’t that easy to do using the Elementor Page Builder. However as with all of our websites it also showcases responsive design, where the navigation adjusts to horizontal on small devices such as mobile phones.

If you want to see more of our templates then head on over to our templates page.

That’s it for our April update. Our next newsletter will be out around mid-year, when we will have lots more exciting news & features to showcase for you.

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