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  • E-commerce

Waxiwraps is an online store, selling reusable self-adhesive beeswax fabric food wraps. Unbranded Space designed and created the website which features an integrated online store. The client is able to manage orders, edit their website and market their product all from their Unbranded Space dashboard.

Waxiwraps grew out of founder Mary Jane’s desire to use the natural and local resources available to her in the stunning coastal hub of Albany, WA. While working toward raw and wholefood innovation for a health-oriented café in Albany, Mary Jane discovered an unused resource in the pure beeswax produced by local beekeepers.

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COVID-19 Notice: As of the 18th May, 2020 Western Australia is entering Phase 2 of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. Unbranded Space’s policy during phase 2 is that we still encourage all meetings to occur over online video conference. However, where you feel online conferencing will be limiting in some way, then we are still able to attend your business premises provided it is not one that is prevented from being open due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fees:  Our online consultation fee is $99 (GST Inc) per hour or part thereof. We add a $22 call out fee to the first hour if requesting an on-site meeting.