Managed WordPress FAQs

Unbranded Space is primarily a Website Design Agency involved in the design and building of websites. As such our primary focus is on the clients we build websites for. The plans you find on this page are designed so that we can provide the best service possible to the clients we have built websites for. 

Therefore our plans are aimed at our clients for whom we have designed/built the website. We have plans of varying sizes to accommodate small and large websites and business budgets.

Our plans allow us to provide each client with the flexibility they desire in regards to how much control and management they wish to have with their website. Some businesses value knowing that they have a website bringing in business that they don’t have to be bothered with because we are managing & maintaining it for them. Other business owners like to be more hands-on, being actively involved in updating content and marketing the website. Unbranded Space plans can be either of these or both, at different times, when required. 

If you are a web developer or wish to have complete control over your WordPress installation, then a Managed WordPress Service Plan may not be for you, but you can still contact us to discuss options for hosting.

WordPress has a fantastic feature that allows for multiple websites to be hosted on the same WordPress installation. Our Essentials plan takes advantage of WordPress multisite to host multiple websites, however, we still limit the number of sites and size of the sites that are on this plan to ensure your website maintains good performance. 

The Visual Page Builder is a simple to use page editor for adding and editing the pages of your website.  The Essentials plan only allows for editing existing pages. All other plans provide you with complete access to adding, editing and deleting your own pages.

The Essentials plan is limited to 1GB of shared storage. To ensure that your website operates within this limitation we must restrict the number of pages. The Essentials plan is designed for simple websites that only need a limited presence and in most cases, 5 pages will be sufficient for this purpose. 

We do also place limits on the length of pages. Although we do not have a hard limit on how long a page should be, we will let you know if we feel you are approaching that limit. It is not good for your website to have enormous long pages as most of your visitors will lose interest if they have to scroll through too much information.

Email uses up a large amount of storage space and it is not possible on a shared plan to allocate the amount of space required to operate email effectively. 

If you require email hosting, we recommend you either upgrade to the business plan, dedicated cloud email hosting, or use a third-party email hosting service, such as those provided by Google or Microsoft. 

Shared email hosting means that your email accounts all exist on the same physical server, and often are sharing the space with your website. Because email can consume a lot of space we do not recommend the shared email hosting service on plans that have less than 10GB storage. The service also requires that you are capable of configuring and managing your own email accounts via the cPanel server system. We do not provide assistance in setting up or maintaining your email. Shared email hosting is purchased by purchasing a hosting plan. 

Dedicate Email Hosting is a cloud based hosting service, meaning that each email account does not share server space with other accounts – it is dedicated hosting. Accounts are purchased as needed and the cost is determined by how much space you need for each email account. It is simpler to setup and manage than Shared Hosting service. Being a dedicated cloud service these accounts come more highly recommended due to better reliability, speed and security. 

With the Essentials Plan, we only allow a very limited number of plugins to ensure the websites continue to operate optimally. 

Websites on all other plans will often have additional plugins installed specific to the needs of just that website. You can request a plugin, but there may be a cost involved in purchasing a plugin license and also t he time taken to install the plugin.  

Server backups of your website and database occur several times throughout the day. If something goes wrong with your site we can restore backups from a previous one, however in this case, unless the need to backup is due to a server failure, we do charge a fee for recovering the site. 

As a secondary backup, we also provide a cloud based backup service, which we can restore as part of your Managed WordPress Service Plan at no cost, provided you do not request more than one restoration per month. 

Backups include both your site files as well as your site database. These backups are stored on an external Cloud hosting service. The default frequency of backups is weekly, but on the Business Plan or higher, we perform database backups daily. 

The image optimiser automatically optimises the images on your website as they are uploaded. It does this by reducing the size of the image files, while still maintaining a good quality image. This helps to keep your storage usage low and reduces the amount of manual optimising required before uploading an image. WordPress creates multiple versions of images for different screen sizes, so it is essential that an image optimiser is used. 

You (ie. the business owner paying for the Managed WordPRess Service) own the website.

Our Managed WordPress Service is about providing convenience to our clients. We aren’t interested in locking customers into a service that they can’t get out of. 

Unlike Wix, SquareSpace and numerous other website platforms, you own the website and are always free to take your website elsewhere at any time. WordPress allows you to export your website from within the dashboard, meaning you have the ability to move your service at any time. Because of the service we offer and the value of the plugins we bundle with your Managed WordPress Service, we are confident that you won’t need to use this facility, but we make it available regardless. 

Note: Although you own the site, please keep in mind that moving a website is usually a complex task that requires the skills of a professional Web Developer. 

Requests for updates to the content or functionality of any service we provide are deemed as a paid service. This means that when you need something changed you can ask us to do it, but we will charge for this service at our hourly rate. 

Yes, you have the ability to edit any page on your website on the Essentials Plan, and also add & delete pages on any other plan. 

We build our sites using a Visual Page Builder so that our clients have the ability to update their own websites. We only use Page Builders that are widely supported with lots of training videos online. If you want one-to-one instruction then you can book us is in for a paid consultation or training session via our bookings page

We only provide training when it comes to editing your site content. We do not provide training in Marketing or SEO, but do offer these as a paid service.

We consider SEO in every website we build. The tools we use and provide to you will vary depending on the needs of the website and your Service Plan. 

On our Essentials plan we still build sites according SEO practices, but you do not have access to any tools. 

On the Streamline plan we perform SEO optimisation as well as install automations that ensures major search engines like Google are automatically informed of changes to your website. You will also have access to tools that provide SEO recommendations should you wish to edit content yourself 

For sites that have ever changing content, such as an e-commerce site, then we recommend our Business & Higher plans as they include regular SEO audits.

An Audit is a manual process that we undertake to ensure that your content is still optimised and that you are still on target for the traffic you want to achieve with your site. It will usually be the basis for an ongoing SEO strategy, and is recommended for sites that has regular changes to their content ie. a blog site, or e-commerce site with products that change. The higher the plan, the more frequently we perform the Audits. 

A standalone subsite is a website that is attached to your primary site, but is able to act completely independently. It could be a website for a completely different business, but often it is best where you may wish to create a series of websites that have some kind of relationship to each other. 

Subsites are also useful in SEO and content marketing. You can create a subsite that is a landing page for a product or service that has it own unique domain. 

Subsites are only available on Business plans and above due to the additional storage space required. 

WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce platform for WordPress websites. It is very powerful and can be used to sell physical products, virtual products, subscriptions or services. In most cases it will require substantial services so we recommend the Business Plan as a minimum. However if the number of products or services is small, then it may be possible to include WooCommerce on a less expensive plan and we recommend contacting us to discuss options.