Minerva Street

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  • Dynamic interactive single-page presentation
  • Mood enhancing animated background
  • Embedded Spotify & videos.
  • Blogging Engine.

Minerva Street is the official website of musician, songwriter and artist John Young. Under the banner/label of Minerva Street, John has been making & recording music for many years. His sound is “laid back chilled music that pays reverence to sounds from all over”. His website needed to instantly reflect that feeling, the moment it appears on-screen.

Minerva Street has been on hiatus for a number of years, but the site relaunch coincides with the release of a new single “Killing Time”, recorded with the amazing Laura Mitchell on vocals. This release is a first for Minerva Street, with the track available on Spotify and other music platforms. The website allows listeners to hear this track directly in their browser.

Other albums will soon be appearing in popular music apps, including the now legendarily hard to find “02:45 am”, featuring such great tracks as “Heavy Traffic” and the instrumental epic “Ceduna” that instantly evokes the wide-open Australian landscape. Two tracks from the album “Heavy Traffic” & “02:45 am”, can be heard by visiting the “Vision” section of the website. These videos, viewable in authentic retro-SD, hint at the cool, chill-out sounds to come.

You may also wish to check out Temple Comix, where John will be promoting other creative endeavours across a diverse media landscape.

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