Custom Built Client Websites

We love working with clients and building websites to promote their services as well as enabling new opportunities for business growth. The examples below are some of our custom design jobs. Every business is different, and this is how we approach every website. When it comes to a custom website we make each site visually striking. We also work with the client to establish goals and outcomes to determine how the website can become an invaluable and integrated part of the business. 

Tasman Journals

Tasman Journals publish journals on scientific and medical research. The Tasman Journals website is the parent site and each journal has it's own site as well. The Tasman Medical Journal is the first journal to be published by Tasman Journals and has been launched alongside the parent Tasman Journals site.

This project posed a challenge where Unbranded Space had to integrate the sites as a network so that articles published in a journal were also accessible to the parent website. We relished the opportunity to start pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with WordPress. A significant amount of custom plugin development was required.

Academic journals also require specific considerations when it comes to Search Engine Indexing. Unbranded Space developed a plugin that automatically generates the specific meta-data required for Google Scholar indexing for each article.

Other features include

  • Custom Registration for Authors and a restricted area where authors can submit their manuscripts to the journals
  • Seamles integration with Manuscript submission and peer review platform, Manuscript Manager
  • Automated MailChimp integration allowing subscribers to the journals to receive new articles in their mailbox each month
  • Article and issue archiving through both Volume and Year indexing.
  • Lots more ....

Maritime Mutual Insurance




Maritime Mutual provide P&I cover and other marine insurance products to ship owners and charterers all around the globe. Unbranded Space were asked to provide a complete website redesign giving the brand a professional contemporary look.

In building this website Unbranded Space had to create an easily navigated, editable version of the Maritime Mutual rulebook and list of correspondents from around the world. This brought the overall number of pages for the website to nearly 200. Rather than create 200 individual pages we developed an efficient streamlined approach, designing a series of templates that generated pages based on data added to custom fields.

We also created rebranded forms for membership application, ship owner guidelines and much more...

Albany Cemetery Board


The Albany Cemetery Board are responsible for Allambie Park Cemetery and the old Memorial Park Cemetery, both located in Albany, Western Australia. They needed their website to serve a multitude of purposes.

  • Provide information about Allambie Park Cemetery and the services available.
  • Provide a historical record of the Albany Memorial Cemetery.
  • Be a place where people can search an on-line database of burials at Allambie Park Cemetery.
  • Facilitate the booking of the cemetery for services by Funeral Directors, and displaying those bookings publicly on the website

We worked extensively with the Albany Cemetery Board to Design and Develop a website that seamlessly integrated all of these features into one appealing and intuitive website.

Wallis Heritage Consulting



Wallis Heritage Consulting is a leading organisation with professional expertise in Aboriginal cultural heritage and archaeological research. The website serves as a means of promoting the consultancy and it's staff, as well as being an archive for documenting the various archaeological projects.

This website is an example of where Unbranded Space took an existing website that the client could not update themselves. We reconstructed the website on our platform, as well as fine-tuning many aspects of the design. The entire website is now editable by the client, however we also created template blocks for commonly used elements such as staff profiles, and research projects. These blocks can easily be dropped into new or existing pages, creating a streamlined process where the content can easily be updated.

Palm Court Dental Clinic

Palm Court Dental Clinic required a simple website to increase awareness of the practice in Denmark and the surrounding region. Although just a single page website at the moment, the foundation has been laid for additional pages and an appointments booking system to be easily integrated.

Bunbury Cemetery





Bunbury Cemetery is managed by the Bunbury Cemetery Board and encompasses both the Cemetery grounds as well as the Crematorium and Chapel. Bunbury Cemetery asked Unbranded Space to develop a bookings manager that would allow Funeral Directors to securely login and book services for either the Crematorium, Chapel or Grave-side funeral services.

With very specific requirements it soon became evident that a WordPress plugin was not going to meet the needs of the cemetery. Unbranded Space worked closely with Bunbury Cemetery to create a complete custom plugin.

In addition to creating the bookings manager, we also gave the website a complete revamp, creating an appealing and modern looking website that was in sympathy with the beautiful gardens and natural bushland surroundings.

Direct Seeding & Harvesting Equipment

Direct Seeding & Harvesting Equipment are an independent dealership for Agricultural machinery. Although not selling directly online, they needed a website where they could feature all of their products. Unbranded Space created the site and also create templates for product pages, making it easy for the client to add new product pages whenever they like.

Albany Lock Service

Albany Lock Service is well known as one of the Albany regions premier locksmiths. Their website details all of the services and the range of products that Albany Lock Service provide. The goals was to get a self-editable website that ranked highly on relevant search engine queries.


Waxiwraps is an online store, selling reusable self-adhesive beeswax fabric food wraps. Unbranded Space designed and created the website which features an integrated online store. The client is able to manage orders, edit their website and market their product all from their Unbranded Space dashboard.


pivotplusdesign is the ancestor of Unbranded Space. It is our former business where we focused on a range of boutique design services. We have included it here because it still stands up as a good example of a custom website where something visually striking and truly unique is required.

Ripple Farm



Ripple Farm Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment is a family owned bee farm and online beekeeping supplies business. The website makes available a growing range of over 130 products at time of publishing. In addition there is comprehensive information about beekeeping.

Unbranded Space designed the website and branding for Ripple Farm. We setup the store with an initial batch of products, and then provided instruction allowing Ripple Farm to add and edit their own products and product ranges.

Ripple Farm is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. Unbranded Space provided additional custom plugin development adding many additional features. For example, Ripple Farm provide a custom store to door delivery service to select postcodes in WA. We build a Custom Delivery Locator allowing customers to enter a postcode to check if custom delivery is available. This locator is not just limited to the shipping pages of the store, it can be placed on any page of the website.




julenni produce 100% Natural Air Freshener and Pest Repellent products. Products can be ordered directly from the websites online store. Unbranded Space worked with Julenni's Graphic Designer Red Stick Designs to produce a strong brand identity and website.

We also created the product images seen on the website. These are computer generated 3D models, rendered to create clean and striking images of each product, and select product groups.