Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Our pricing is simple. For most customers you need to consider two costs.

Subscription Cost

The subscription cost is a fee you pay either monthly or yearly for access to our managed WordPress hosting system and can include a complementary pre-made website if you wish. We will install your premade website at no extra cost. When you choose a premade site you will receive a replica of the site which you can edit and change yourself. If you wish us to make changes to the site then you are looking at an update / design cost (see below).

Subscription Costs are available on our pricing page

Site Updates / Design (optional)

If you choose a premade site you can edit it yourself or ask us to do it for you. When you preview a premade site you will see a "pop-up" display with the cost we would charge to update the site for you. This means you provide us with the content, and we will replace the content, and also modify the branding of the site to suit your business branding. 

You can also choose to not have a premade website, and we can design one from scratch, but still on the WordPress platform. The benefit of doing this is that you will still be able to edit the site yourself, and can also opt to install add-on features such as a blog, an online store and many others. 

One way to keep costs low, is to first try and edit the site yourself. If you get stuck or find you don't have the time to finish the job, then you can ask us to take over, and the cost would then be based on our hourly rate of $88 (GST Inc) 

Miscellaneous Costs

We have tried to include as much as we can in our subscription charges, however sometimes you may request something which is an add-on service. 

If you visit our pricing page and scroll down to the Other Services section you can see a list of add on services that you can request. 

Your Subscription

After you have completed your singup form, you will be sent a confirmation email. We will then review the information you have provided. 

If you plan to make the site yourself, and have not requested any additional information, then we will invoice you for the subscription plan and duration that you have specified. 

If we have some follow up questions to your signup form, then we will contact you to discuss your website before invoicing you. 

Our invoices include a 15 day payment term, with subsequent subscription renewals sent out 30 days prior to expiry. Your subscription starts on the date you pay your invoice. This is the point that we will create your account. 

You can learn about our subscription features and our plans on our pricing page

Yes you can change your plan or duration. If you are upgrading from a monthly plan to a yearly plan, or from the Business plan to Enterprise plan, then we will invoice you for the upgrade. We will change the plan over as soon as we can confirm confirmation of payment. 

If you are downgrading from a yearly to monthly duration, or from the Enterprise Plan to the Business Plan, then the change will not come into effect until the end of your current billing cycle. ie. if you were currently in a yearly subscription, and would like to change to monthly, then that change would not take effect until the end or your yearly plan. 

Another factor to consider when downgrading your plan is the impact of the smaller plan on your website. Your website may exceed the storage limits of a smaller plan, and in this case we would not be able to downgrade your plan. You may wish to compare plans, or contact us to discuss downgrading before requesting a downgrade. 

You can request upgrades or downgrades through your Unbranded Space Dashboard, via the Account Panel. 

As a business owner we suspect that deep down you understand that nothing is really free. We don't really want to get too involved in comparing tit-for-tat, but instead would ask that you consider the following when comparing services :

  • We don't require that you display our branding on your website. We have a small attribution to us usually found in the footer of our Premade sites. While we would love for you to keep it there you are absolutely free to remove it at any time. 
  • Although we do have two different plans, we do not design our plans as up-selling tools. Meaning that we will not entice you to signup for a free plan for you to only then realise that you need to upgrade to really achieve what you want. Our Business plan is aimed at small business and is likely to be all a small business will need. Our Enterprise plan is aimed at larger organisations. 
  • We charge in Australian Currency and GST is included in our costs.
  • Our service is Built on WordPress - the worlds most popular content management system estimated to be powering about 27% of sites on the web. WordPress is incredibly versatile, and there are plugins out there for just about any type of web application you can think of. We are constantly trying out new plugins (or creating our own) with the intention of adding new features to our existing subscription plans. 
  • Our platform give you flexibility with time and budget. Sometimes you may have one or the other available, but rarely both. If you have the time available then you can save a lot of money by using our platform. It is easy to edit content and we are continuing to add resources that will ultimately teach you how to manage every aspect of your website by yourself. If time is scarce then you can pay us to do the work for you. Either way you are never locked into one mode. You can do it yourself for a while, but then if you get busy ask us to take over, and then when you have more spare time, take over again. Your website and online marketing never have to look or feel neglected. We believe this flexibility is something that you will not find easily elsewhere, and overcomes one of the key barriers to many small businesses being able to successfully market online.  

To be eligible for an Unbranded Space subscription you must have a business or company that is registered in and operates in Australia. We currently have no plans to offer subscriptions outside of Australia but may review this policy in the future. 

You can cancel your Subscription at any time and the cancelation will come into effect at the end of your current billing cycle. You cancel your subscription by choosing the "Cancel Subscription" option in the Account Panel of your Unbranded Space Dashboard.


We will hold your account in a suspension state for 30 days after which your account will be deleted. If you had a yearly subscription with us, then you can choose to reactivate your account during this period. Your subscription period is dated back to the end of your original subscription expiry date. 

SSL certificates & Domain Name registration periods may differ from your Subscription period, and therefore will not be cancelled until the registration period expires.

You may choose to continue using your Domain Name/s even though you have cancelled your Unbranded Space subscription. We can continue to manage your domain name or you can opt to transfer it elsewhere. If you had a free Domain Name as part of your subscription, then you will need to pay a registration cost to continue to use the domain.

Like any subscription service if you don't pay for it, then you can't use it. However we understand that sometimes a payment can be missed. When you receive your first invoice, you will have the option to setup automatic deductions for every month/year after the first. This way you need not miss a future payment.

Yearly subscribers have the option to pay via bank transfer. We allow a grace period of up to 30 days past the expiry date to pay an overdue account. After 30 days your account will be suspended and this means that neither your website or your dashboard will be available. After a period of 60 days past your subscription expiry date, your account will be deleted. This means that your website will be deleted along with your account. A yearly subscription can be reactivated anytime up to the 60 day expiry by paying the outstanding invoice. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem is abusing this facility. All overdue payments are backdated to the original plans expiry date.

Monthly subscribers will have their accounts suspended the day after their current billing month expires, and the account and website will be deleted 30 days after this. Overdue monthly plans can be activated during this period by paying  the outstanding invoice.However, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem is abusing this facility. All overdue payments are backdated to the original plans expiry date.

Whatever the situation we strongly recommend you contact us should you be experiencing difficultly in meeting your subscription payments. 

Unfortunately we can not offer subscription suspensions. Your subscription pays for a number of third party services which we purchase on your behalf, and we must continue to pay for these services while your account exists. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulties in meeting your subscription obligations, then we recommend contacting us to discuss your situation. 

Domain Names

We can register as many domain names for you as you like, however there may be a limit to the number of domains that can actually be used to direct traffic to your website. You can check this on our pricing page by looking for the number of Add-On / Parked Domains applicable to each plan. 

Even though there may be limits as to how many domains can direct traffic to your site, you may wish to still register additional domains for the purposes of preventing others from registering them. 

Yes we can register many other types of domains and can provide you with information about costings and availability. Submit a support request via your Unbranded Space Dashboard, detailing the domain name and type and we will advise availability and cost.  

Changing Plan

If you upgrade your plan, then you may be eligible for additional free domains. You may order additional domains via your Unbranded Space Dashboard, or contact us to nominate an existing domain as your free domain. We do not give credit for domains that are part way through their registration period. They will become "Free" when the registration is next due. 

If you downgrade a plan, then you are no longer eligible for the number of free domains provided by the higher plan. If there is still a substantial period left on your domain registration, then we reserve the right to invoice you for the full registration term and any subsequent renewal periods. If you had additional domains that you were already being charged for, then these will be unaffected by your plan downgrade. 

Cancelling Subscription

If you cancel your subscription then you still own your domain name. If the domain was being provided free with your subscription then your domain is no longer considered free. If your domain expires at a different date to your subscription plan expiry, then we reserve the right to invoice you for the full registration period. Once any outstanding invoice has been paid you can continue to have the domain managed by us, or transfer it elsewhere. 


Your primary domain is the actual web url that all traffic will resolve to. For example is the primary domain for Unbranded Space.

We assign your website and your website dashboard to your primary domain and for this reason you must have a primary domain registered to be able to create your account and for your subscription to begin. 

We can register a domain at the same time that you signup for your subscription, and have included a simple form to check for domain name availability. You will find this to the side of the signup form (beneath the signup form if on mobile). 

If you have an existing domain you can opt to have us take over managing the domain by providing the relevant information in the signup form. Alternately, you can choose to keep your domain with your current registrar. We will advise you of name server information which you can use to point the domain to our servers.

It is worth noting that if you already have the domain pointing to an existing server which is hosting a website and/or email accounts, then these will be unavailable once you update to our name servers. If downtime is going to impact your business in a critical way, then we recommend contacting us at any time to discuss ways to minimise downtime. 

Only your primary domain is required prior to subscription. You can register as many domains as you like at any time during your subscription. 


Yes you can. Your site subscription includes a license for the professional version of the Elementor Editor. Most people find that they can achieve simple tasks such as changing text or an image without any training. For many this will be all they will need to do with their website.

For those wanting to delve deeper into using Elementor they can watch the videos included with their Unbranded Space Subscription and learn how to build engaging web pages from a completely blank canvas. Using one of our Premade Websites, you will find that you have the ability to modify any aspect of the site. 

By watching our soon-to-be introduced Dashboard videos it will be possible to create entire websites starting without a premade site, allowing for you to add advanced features such as a blog and much more. 

When you choose a Premade Website at signup we install that site to your server. If you decide that you wish to use a different website layout (ie. one of our other premade sites), then we can install that site for a fee of $99 (GST Inc). This does not include cleaning up any images from your the old site which are in your Media Library. You may wish to use these in your new layout, and you may have already uploaded some of your own . We recommend that after we have installed your new Premade Website that you go through and clean up your Media Library, or request that we perform a site tune-up for you 

In this case you are only paying for a subscription, and we will install the Pre-made site you have selected for no extra cost. 

You will be able to use the included site editor to update any content you like as well as change colours and rearrange layout and much more. We recommend watching the included Elementor training videos. If you have the time available then this is a perfectly viable way of  making your website and keeping your costs low. You may even enjoy it - We do! 

If you get to a point where you are stuck, or no longer have the time to continue then we can step in and help. We do charge for design consultation and design services, however sometimes you may only need a little help, so this can still be a cost effective solution. 

After Updating your site you may still want us to perform some site optimisation and/or Search Engine Optimisation Services.

Whatever the situation, we want those who opt to update their own site to not feel as if they are "out in the cold". We are ready to step in and help at any time you ask. 

Each of the Unbranded Space Pre-made websites has a minimum fee which is payable should you wish us to update the site for you. You can find the fee by previewing each of the template sites, and this will also list what is included with the fee. Usually this will detail the number of pages, but there may be additional information.

Beyond specifics, what we broadly define as updating the site for you is that we will replace the content of the site with the content you give us. This includes the copy (text), images, videos, PDFs or any other media files. While we will optimise your Media files (sizing them for optimal file-size), any additional image editing may incur additional charges which we would charge at our hourly design rate.  We will also customise the colour scheme to fit in with your business branding. Usually we will stick to the established layout, but there may be exceptions which is dictated by the content. 

To ensure we are on the right track we will usually build the Home page first and then seek your approval before building the rest of the website. You can request changes during this approval stage, but if you start requesting changes which we deem are dictating a significant modification of the layout, or that you are making repeated changes of the same elements, then you may incur additional charges. Additional work is charged at our hourly design rate

You can request additional pages beyond those included with the Premade site. We charge our hourly design rate for creating additional pages. We can provide a cost estimate on request. 

Upon publishing your website we will perform basic Search Engine Optimisation by registering your site with Google and uploading a sitemap to assist search engines in navigating your website. More thorough search engine optimisation services can be requested through your Unbranded Space Dashboard. 

Our Premade websites are designed to give businesses an extremely cost effective way of  obtaining a professional website. However you may have specific requirements which don't fit with a Premade site, or perhaps you just want something that looks totally unique. 

There is still a significant benefit in getting Unbranded Space to build a completely customised site for you. For a start your site can be built on WordPress and you will still benefit from all of the features of our subscription service. Most significantly this means that you will have the ability to edit your own website pages.  

With a custom design job we need to go through a more thorough design consultation phase, and the website is going to take longer for us to make than if we used a Pre-made design. This means that the cost of the website is going to be higher. When you signup you can provide information for a custom job, or you may wish to contact us to discuss the job before signing up. We are happy to provide a quote based on whatever requirements you specify. 

Generally speaking the complete service we provide is  only available to our subscribers. 

However, because the service  is built on WordPress it is possible to Export your WordPress site to another WordPress installation hosted elsewhere. Some factors to consider are:

  • Some of the plugins required to run your site require a user license. The cost of obtaining the licenses for the plugins currently running on your website would exceed the current cost of your subscription. This is because we have purchased bulk licensing whenever possible, allowing us to pass on the cost at a lower price to our subscribers.
  • You would need to find a developer who specialises in WordPress to manage migration and ongoing maintenance of your site. We could perform the migration for you for a fee, but if we were also to perform ongoing maintenance, then all we would be doing is offering the same service at a higher cost to you. 
  • We only support the custom Dashboard and our custom plugins for accounts hosted by our subscription service. This means that on a different server you would not receive updates to our plugins, nor would you qualify for free support. Some Dashboard features such as Email and Domain Management will only work if your website is on our server. These are Add-on services however and would not obstruct your website from working. 

Our Theme and the Elementor Editor will render your site correctly on the latest version versions of modern browsers and devices. It is very likely that your site will also render correctly on older but still recent versions of modern devices and browsers. Use the following list as a general compatibility guide. ie. your pages should be rendering correctly on browsers equal to or more recent than those listed below:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge 14
  • Firefox 52
  • Chrome 49
  • Safari 10
  • Opera 44
  • IOS Safari 9.3
  • Opera Mini all versions
  • Android Browser 4.4
  • Chrome for Android 57

If your site is not rendering correctly and it is being viewed on one of the above browsers or later, then you may submit a support request and we will look at the issue. There may be a cost involved in correcting the problem, depending on the cause.

If your site is required to work on an older version of the browsers listed above (or on a browser not listed), then there will be a cost involved in our attempt to make the site render correctly, however it is very possible that the site is not able to render the way you want it to on an unsupported browser or device while using Elementor as your editor.

If it is imperative that your site be viewable on an older browser or device, then we would recommend a custom design job. In these circumstances we would have to build the site as a complete custom job (ie. not using a template). We can still use WordPress, so you will be able to edit your site (ie. images & text), but may not have the same amount or ease of control that you can experience with Elementor.


Your Dashboard is a custom built interface for managing all aspects of your Unbranded Space Subscription. From your dashboard you will be able to :

  • Add / Edit / Delete your site pages
  • Manage any Domain Names registered through us. 
  • Add and remove email accounts as well as modify passwords and manage mail account quota
  • View our growing library of tutorial videos. Currently we have videos instruction you on how to use the Elementor Site Editor, and have Dashboard videos coming soon. 
  • Manage your Subscription Plan
  • View Google Analytics on your website traffic (only on applicable plans)
  • Request Add-on plugin features such as e-commerce, email marketing, appointment booking and much more.
  • Manage your Media library. 
  • Request additional design, optimisation or maintenance services

All of this is built on WordPress - the worlds most popular Content Management System.

Our service is a managed WordPress service. What this means is that we maintain your WordPress  installation for you. To be able to maintain your installation we keep a strict control over the themes and plugins that we allow. We only use our custom theme and have tested all of the plugins prior to deploying to subscribers. 

Taking the above into account you can request a specific plugin. We will assess every request on an individual basis and will make a determination as to whether or not we will allow the plugin. Usually we will not refuse a plugin without good reason. There also may be a cost not only in purchasing a license for the plugin but also in us testing and installing it. We will advise of any cost to you in advance.

In regards to WordPress Themes, our general rule is that we will not allow other WordPress themes to be used unless you can make a case as to why your website is going to be disadvantaged by not using the theme AND that the theme will not conflict with any of our default plugins. To do so we would have to deploy the theme to a testing server, and therefore there would be a cost involved, which we would advise prior to undertaking the test. There may also be the cost of purchasing a theme license. 

Many of our Dashboard features are self explanatory, and you will simply be able to follow the on-screen prompts to take advantage of the dashboard features. However, there are some more advanced tasks which we will be providing video tutorials on how to achieve them. At the moment we have videos available for using the Elementor Site Editor, and will be adding more videos in the near future.