Can I transfer hours to the following month?

We can discuss how your hours are allocated prior to your subscription commencing. However, once it begins we usually need to keep to this allocation.

As a busy digital agency, Unbranded Space only has a certain number of hours we can allocate per month and when we allocate hours to a client we are potentially saying no to another client. For this reason, we have to be very careful in planning our workload from month to month. However, every subscription term is allocated a fixed number of hours and we are willing to negotiate at the beginning of a project how the hours are allocated. However, once a plan begins it is unlikely we will be able to change the hours allocated to each month, because of other commitments. 

A practical example could be a website project. This project might be allocated a 3-month Developer plan, allowing a total of 120 hours. This might be for a medium/large website project where in the first month we allocate 30 hours where research, discovery and planning occur, then 60 hours are allocated in the second month where most of the work is done, and then 30 hours in the last month to finalise the project. We will discuss your needs in advance and work out the best approach with you.