Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Information You Provide on Our Website

Our website collects and stores the following compulsory information about you:

  • Your Email Address
  • A username

The following information can be added by you as part of using our service:

  • Your Name
  • Your business name & ABN
  • Your Business Address & Phone number

When you register a Domain Name through us. In this situation we are legally required by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to make available the personal information we collect from you when you apply to register any generic top-level domain names (eg., com, net, org, biz, info and name) to the public on a publicly accessible database known as the WHOIS database. This obligation also applies to some of the country code top-level domains including the .au domains. We supply a Domain Privacy product which may be used to mask personal information for some domain names. In this situation you must provide :

  • Your name as the registrant.
  • Your business
  • Your address
  • A contact number
  • A contact email address
  • You are also required by certain domains to make a legal declaration that you are entitled to the domain name.

Our website uses cookies to store information about our users, as governed by our Cookies Policy.

All other information you add as part of our service is considered User Generated Content and is governed by our Terms of Service (TOS).

We use the Stripe Payment Gateway for you to enter your Credit Cards for subscription payment. At no point do we store or are we privy to the information you enter. You communicate directly with the Stripe Payment Gateway.

  1. 2. What we do with your information.

We primarily use your information as a means of identifying you so that we can provide and maintain your subscription service. We may use your details for promoting our own products and services, but will not pass that information onto any other party unless legally obliged to by the State Laws of Western Australia or federal laws of Australia.

Even if users do not actually read the Privacy Policy, using clickwrap and other forms of acceptance assures they accept the terms–even if they did not review it.

In the case of the website you produce. By accepting our privacy policy you agree to allow us to use your website for our own promotional purposes in any print, digital or media platform should we choose to. We will not disclose any information other than that which is visible on your published website.

  1. 3. Legal Jurisdiction

Our online service is currently only available to businesses which trade in Australia. We make every reasonable attempt to ensure that all subscribers are based in Australia. For this reason, all subscribers are bound to Australian legal jurisdiction regardless of their geolocation.

  1. 4. Extent of Policy

Our privacy policy relates to your subscription with Unbranded Space, and our provision or that service to you for the duration of your subscription.

Our privacy policy does not extend to the website and/or products and services you offer through our service.