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Step to Follow When Getting a Website

  1. Decide on a Custom Build or Template Website
  2. Choose a plan that suits your requirements.
  3. Complete the form below to sign up and get your subscription plan started.

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Your Details

We require your Business Details as a part of validating your Domain Name and SSL Certificate.

Your Email account should be independent of your domain. ie. if your business is, then do not provide us with an email account registered on this domain. If you haven’t got an independent email account then we recommend a Gmail account.

Your Subscription Details

Dashboard Username

Your username must be a minimum of 6 characters and should only include lowercase letters or numbers. You will be able to use this or your email address to log into your Unbranded Space Dashboard.

Your Website Domain Name

We require a domain name to be registered before we can set up your subscription. Please provide your primary domain name here (the one you will be putting on all of your promotional material). This is the domain that we will create your account on.

If you wish to register a new domain, then we can do that for you. Enter your required .com or domain and if it is available we will register this for you free of charge as part of your annual subscription.


Check Domain Availability

If your domain is already registered with a domain registrar, then you can choose to keep it with this registrar. We will contact you with Name Server details so that you can point the domain to our servers.

You can transfer your domain to be managed by us. To do so choose the correct option, and also add your Domain Password (your existing registrar will be able to provide you with this information). If you have chosen a yearly plan, future renewals of your domain will be included free of charge with your subscription.

Your Site Design

If you have specific design requirements, then please detail them here. 

Also, select which of our Premade Unbranded sites you would like to use. If you are opting for a custom design then choose the option “I want a custom design”. We will create a clean installation with only 1 sample page instructing you on what to do next. 

You may not have thought about this much yet, and that is fine. We can contact you to discuss it further. Please note that there may be additional charges involved depending on how much consultation and design work is required. Feel free to Contact Us for more information before submitting this form. 

Media Files

The best way to send us your media files, (ie. images, logos and your copy), is to create a Dropbox (or equivalent service) account, then upload your files and share the folder with