Great Southern Marine Research Facility (GSMRF)


  • UX & Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Branding of website and company documents
  • Template structure for simple maintenance
  • Implementation of peer revision system for site content updates
  • Managed WordPress Service Hosting
Wave Energy research centre


Great Southern Marine Research Facility (GSMRF) is a knowledge and innovation hub for the ocean renewable energy sector. Housed in the historic railway station in Albany, WA, GSMRF is a new addition to The University of Western Australia and expands its Albany regional campus.

“GSMRF brings together decades of expertise in offshore engineering to advance renewable ocean energy to the point of commercial viability. This is a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector project that aims to put the Great Southern on the international map of ocean energy and innovation hotspots.”

The Brief

Unbranded Space were approached by the Facility Manager, Wiebke Ebeling at the very early days of its conception. At the time the Wave Energy Research Centre (WERC) was mainly responsible for operations and we were approached to assist in not only developing the facilities website but also the branding of the facility along with WERC. The primary goal for the website was to create an engaging site where content could be updated. An important element was to be able to showcase the live satellite feed of wave data that was being recorded offshore at Torbay. 

GSMF case Study

The Solution

Unbranded Space worked with various parties to make the website a reality. We worked closely with the Wiebke, the facility manager, to develop the structure and content for the website. As well as the facility a logo was required for WERC. We designed both the WERC logo and the GSMRF website branding ensuring that visual cohesion was maintained between both. 

We also worked with other members and web developers to understand how the live wave data was recorded and how we could turn that data into something visual. Our solution for the wave data feed was to create a custom WordPress plugin that remotely accesses the satellite data and imaging. This data was then converted into information that could be represented on screen, and sequenced into a simple looping animation. 


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