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About Tasman Journals

Tasman Journals is a new entity in the scientific & medical research publishing arena and is the brainchild of J Alasdair Millar BSc (Hons) PhD FRACP FRCP. Alasdair is able to draw on his professional experience working in both Australia & New Zealand to facilitate the production of a series of journals that are of relevance to both countries.

Tasman Journals is the parent publishing entity and Tasman Medical Journal is the first journal to be produced. As the name suggests this journal is related specifically to general medical research. A second journal titled The Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice was published in early 2020.

The Brief

Unbranded Space was involved with Tasman Journals at an early stage. We assisted in turning what was a passionate desire to create something of value to the scientific and medical world into a functioning journal and publishing venture. We were asked to create branding and websites for both Tasman Journals and Tasman Medical Journals as well as develop a workflow and design layout to simplify the task of adding additional journals. We also recommended a network-wide infrastructure that would allow for easy navigation between the journals as well as providing the ability for the journals to share articles with one another when required.

Tasman Medical Journal Website

The Solution

To achieve a successful outcome, planning had to be extensive as we had to factor in two distinctive types of users – those who read the journals and those wishing to get their research published with the journals (ie. authors). For authors, the decision was made to integrate the website with an established manuscript management platform to handle the submission and review process required for academic research publication. The task of the website was therefore to provide simple and clear instructions on submitting work for review and publication. For readers the task was to provide quick access to the latest published articles, clear access to the journal archives along with an email newsletter subscription service for receiving the latest articles in their inbox.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for all websites, but academic research publications have very specific requirements. The journals need to conform to an exact structure for individual articles to be associated with the volume and issue they appear in. A custom-built plugin was developed to create an underlying Volume/Issue structure providing an easy way to correctly associate articles as well as flexible ways of presenting this structure on the journal websites. We also had to create a feature that allowed for the automatic creation of a very specific set of meta-data fields that Google Scholar and similar engines require in order to rank published articles.

The finished result is a network of websites that represent the parent publishing website Tasman Journals, as well as two journals; Tasman Medical Journal and Journal of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice edited by Robyn Millar. Alasdair and Robyn are now able to publish articles and maintain the sites, calling on us whenever we might be needed for a bit of advice or assistance. 

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