What We Do

Unbranded Space provide a range of services that will give your business the boost it needs to stand out from your competitors and succeed. Each of these services can be provided in isolation or can be combined to create a complete online business solution. 


At Unbranded Space™ we understand that not every business is the same. The size of a business and the budget means that our approach has to be flexible. While each of our three main service areas can be requested in isolation they are all scalable as well.

What this means is that a single strategy meeting for one business may be all that is required, however for a different business planning and developing a strategy can take weeks or even months. Likewise branding can be a simple logo to the development of a range of design material that can be deployed across multiple media types and platforms. The website as well can range from a simple promotional page to a complete online store or web application.

To help us help you we will ask you to provide a budget estimate. Knowing your budget saves valuable time and will ensure that we provide the right level of service and don’t go over budget. 


Building your website is just the beginning of the services Unbranded Space™ are able to provide. Like you, we want your website to be a success. The way we can help you do that is to provide you with a hassle-free and reliable ongoing maintenance service that ensures your site is fast and secure. Our Managed WordPress Service plans combine ongoing maintenance with website hosting and can also include email and your domain renewals. 


Each service can be provided in isolation or combined for a complete solution.

Why We Ask For Your Budget

The cost of a website can vary wildly due to the scale and types of features that can be included. When we ask you to provide us with a budget figure it allows us to suggest the most appropriate services. This, in turn, ensures that your website has realistic goals that are more likely to be accomplished.

Calculating Your Budget

So how to you work out your budget?

Essentially your budget is an investment that has the potential to create sales, so your budget should be proportional to the expected value of these new sales. The percentage of expenditure on advertising for a business will vary, but a good range is 5-10% of total business expenditure. 

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