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Your Website Is One of Your Greatest Assets

Unbranded Space understand that every business website is different and can be influenced by many factors. Your budget and the type of products and services you deliver impact heavily on how important your website is to you. However the most important factor is your customer. Your website is one of the first places a customer will look when evaluating your business, and they need to be presented with the right impression and be able to find what they are looking for. 

Our Entire Focus is On Your Customers

What We Do Best

We are very proud of the work we do and believe we do it well. Our approach is centred around some core principals that guide every decision we make.

User-Focused Web Design & Development Solutions

Your website can be many things: a sales person, a storefront, an information portal, sometimes the entire business operation. Often it will need to be more than one thing and that is always determined by the most important person of all – the user, otherwise known as “your customer”. 

At Unbranded Space our entire design process is built around the user. If the user is able to find a product, the right information, or can perform an action easily then conversion into a sale, signup or contact is likely to follow. 

We value research and planning highly. We can look at your industry and your competitors within your market to determine a benchmark for success. If your existing site isn’t performing then we can provide intricate detail on how your customers are currently engaging with your website. We can use a number of analytical data gathering tools to discover how users are finding your website and what they do once they get there. We then translate this information into something you can easily understand, identifying problem areas and how we can work with you to solve them. 

With the right research, we can then focus on developing the right content and structure for your website that will allow users to find what they are looking for. We do this by placing emphasis on the right information and ensuring that visual focal points and navigational pathways guide the user to where they need to be.

Helping Your Website To Get Found

A great website is useless if no one can find it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of our design process right from the start. We implement steps so that search engines don’t have to work hard to find your website by ensuring that your content is clearly visible. SEO informs not only the information that appears on your pages, but also the entire navigational structure of your website. Good SEO is about providing clear pathways for both your users and search engines to find your content.

The other crucial aspect of SEO is your site’s performance. We optimise your website for speed as well as ensuring that the site behaves how it should on different devices. With our Managed WordPress Hosting Service we have 24/7 monitoring tools that report back to us on any performance related SEO issues. 

Each Service can be provided in isolation or combined for a complete solution.

Your Businesses Online PROFILE

A businesses online presence is an intricate system of integrated technologies. Your online advertising, your social media platforms, your mail campaigns and even your accounting package – all of these are centred around your businesses website. 

Our approach is to learn about your business profile. We can help you achieve the balance between automation and control over your online operations by drawing on our knowledge of technologies and taking a creative approach to solutions.   

Don’t Restrict Your Business to the Box.

We are always thinking outside of the box about how to provide the best website solution. At Unbranded Space we value creativity and learning highly and this means that we are excited by new prospects and possibilities. Sure, we have established scalable solutions, but we won’t force you into using one of these if we feel it is compromising your ability to achieve your business goals. You need a website solution that is catered to your business and doesn’t need to be restricted by limited technology or narrow thinking. 

The Right Solution is Often More Than Just a Website

It is rare that just a website on its own is going to provide the best way of converting online users into customers. Usually a cross platform approach of integrating other online technologies with your website is going to allow your business and customer base to grow. Unbranded Space can provide intricate solutions that allow you to promote your content between your website, social media, email campaigns and more. 

Sample Online Ecosystem

Building Relationships That Last

We know that the value of our service is determined by the success of our clients websites and integrated services. A successful website is never one that just gets published and is never updated or maintained. 

Our Service Doesn’t Stop Once the Website is Made

Getting your website published and online is an important milestone, but now the job of ensuring the website continues to perform has begun. Our Managed WordPress Service ensures that your website meets the technical requirements to ensure it is fast, secure and available, but SEO is always ongoing. Successful SEO integrates with your marketing goals and involves coordination with your Search Engine and Social Media Marketing strategies. A strategy means planning ahead where a campaign may run over a period of weeks or months. 

Fixed Monthly SEO Plans or Flexible SEO Options

At Unbranded Space we can provide fixed monthly SEO contract or can just engage with you on an as-needed arrangement. We provide you with tools that will allow you to learn and perform your own SEO. If your business has a marketing person with knowledge of SEO, then this is a great option for you and we are happy to help whenever needed. Otherwise our SEO planning will provide expert knowledge and convenience. Our fixed monthly SEO contracts can be scaled to your business budget and we are able to provide transparency through monthly reporting. We will discuss with you upfront the best solution for your business and give realistic expectations about outcomes. This allows you to make accurate budget allocations and estimates about your return on investment. 

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Why We Ask For Your Budget

The cost of a website can vary wildly due to the scale and types of features that can be included. When we ask you to provide us with a budget figure it allows us to suggest the most appropriate services. This, in turn, ensures that your website has realistic goals that are more likely to be accomplished.

Calculating Your Budget

So how to you work out your budget?

Essentially your budget is an investment that has the potential to create sales, so your budget should be proportional to the expected value of these new sales. The percentage of expenditure on advertising for a business will vary, but a good range is 5-10% of total business expenditure. 

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