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Introducing the Service Primer Agency Plan

By Unbranded Space

This Service Plan is designed for Small to Medium size websites that require a robust Security & Performance service plan at an affordable price.

Who Is This Plan For?

  • Small to medium size websites that attract around 5,000 to 25,000 visitors per year.
  • You want the essentials of security and maintenance taken care of.
  • You want the option to edit your own content.
  • You want the option to self-manage your SEO & Marketing.
  • Ideal for businesses targeting a local market

Service Primer Plan Features

Managed Security & Performance

  • Application & Server level Firewall Protection & Malware Scanning
  • Automated Updates & Backups with scheduled health checks
  • Automated Image Optimisation
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring with 5 minute monitoring intervals

Priority Expert Service

  • Support from professionals with years of experience working with WordPress
  • Curated industry-standard plugins & third-party services for security & performance optimisation
  • Priority Service for critical technical issues.

Great Savings

In addition to the ongoing security & performance optimisations that come with your plan, our plans provide additional value..

  • Save hundreds on WordPress plugin license subscriptions
  • Save more when you pay yearly

Service Primer Plan Pricing


Our Service Plans provide considerable savings when purchased yearly.
Prices are in AUD and exclude GST, VAT or other taxes


$36 per month



$400 per year

SAVE $32 each year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do the Service Plans only provide a 1 or 12-month option?

Service Plans provide Performance, Security and Search Engine Optimisations. These require the use of tools and third-party services. To continue to benefit from these services the plan must remain active at all times.

We provide a 1-month option because it provides businesses with an opportunity to test our services before committing to a longer term. Some businesses may have temporary cashflow limitations and paying for a full year may not be possible. The 12-month plan provides the best value overall, considerably discounted from the monthly option. Whether or not a business pays for a full year or a month at a time we strongly urge uninterrupted continuation of the service.

Can I upgrade or downgrade a plan?

We will talk with you to discuss the most suitable plan based on a given project or campaign we may run for you, so the need to change your plans should rarely occur. However in the event that a plan change is required then the following applies:


We will credit you the unused time on any current plan in place, and then charge you for the new plan and subscription period applying the credit on the invoice issued.


It is not possible to downgrade a plan until your current subscription service period ends. 

Is a Service Plan Actually Necessary?

The WordPress platform is an extremely powerful piece of software that allows for the creation of fantastic-looking websites with an incredible amount of functionality. The functionality can be expanded using plugins, which are like add-ons for the platform. Plugins can add new features or perform functions such as automated backups, security monitoring, SEO and much, much more. These plugins often require their own license be paid and the cost can mount up where a single website owner may be paying hundreds if not thousands per year for plugin licenses.

The benefit of using an Agency like Unbranded Space is that we have the buying power to purchase bulk licenses. While these are expensive for a single site, it becomes cost-effective when we spread the cost out by building it into what we charge for our service plans. This allows us to dramatically reduce the cost of plugins for our clients.

Of course, the cost of licenses isn’t all we include in our service plans, we also ensure that backups, uptime monitoring, security checks and much more are all included as part of our service plans.

So while technically the answer to the question of “Is a Service Plan Actually Necessary?” might be no. The cost of not having one, both in terms of the ongoing financial burden as well as the lack of add-on features that our plans provide, means that it is much more preferable to have one.

Is the cost of Web Hosting or ongoing maintenance included?

Not all jobs we do require web hosting or maintenance, so this is not a cost we can bundle with our Booster or Developer Agency Subscription Plans.

By contrast, ongoing maintenance is a core part of our Service Plans. Hosting is included with the Voyager plan but is an add-on service for all other plans. We will certainly discuss your hosting needs allowing you to know your yearly ongoing costs in advance.

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