Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

WordPress is an amazing platform. It provides businesses with a platform that is both powerful and versatile in application. To ensure WordPress is running optimally you need a hosting solution customized specifically for the platform. To ensure that your website remains secure, and is up-to-date with the latest features a maintenance plan is recommended.  

Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance is a Bundled Service that covers all aspects of your website’s ongoing performance & security. Our service provides peace of mind for your business knowing that your website is being looked after 24/7.

Learn More About Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Not all hosting services are created equally. Many are not optimised specifically for the WordPress platform. Unbranded Space’s Managed WordPress Hosting provides performance and “peace of mind”.
The Benefits of WordPress Hosting
One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular and powerful is that it is always evolving to provide the latest features that can be included in modern websites. The cost of this innovation is that to keep your website running optimally you need to make sure that it is updated regularly.
Why WordPress Maintenance is Necessary

Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance Questions

Answers to questions about our Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance services.

Why Do We Use WordPress Multisite?

There are many benefits to WordPress Multisite vs Single Site and therefore where Unbranded Space is building your website we will build it on a Multisite network. This provides us with better tools for managing your website and gives you the business owner greater flexibility with options to grow your website along with your business.

In some cases, we may be managing your WordPress website but did not originally build it and it might be that your website is a Single Site setup. In these cases, we may suggest converting your website into a Multisite setup for overall better management.

We feel it is important to reassure you that we do not share your Multisite setup with other client websites. With the exception of our budget plan (more on that in the paragraph below), all client websites are set up on their own unique Multisite Installation, with just one site. We will only add other subsites to your Multisite Network that benefit your business and that you have agreed for us to create.

Yes we do have a special budget plan that is available to small websites that are 5 pages or less, and these sites will be sharing a Multisite network with other business websites. We limit the number of sites we place on each multisite installation and monitor this service carefully to ensure that the network is never overloaded.

Does a WordPress Service Plan Include SEO?

No, a WordPress Service Plan does not include SEO. If we have built your website for you, then your website will be optimised for SEO up to the point where we launched your website. If you require ongoing SEO maintenance, then you should talk to us about our options for SEO & Digital Marketing.

What is the Difference Between Managed WordPress Hosting and Simply Having a Non-Managed WordPress Website on a Hosting Service?

The term “Managed WordPress Hosting” can mean a few different things. At the bare minimum, a Managed WordPress Hosting Service will mean that the web server hosting your WordPress website is optimised specifically for the purpose of running WordPress. A Managed WordPress Hosting Service will sometimes provide access to plugins (add-ons), but you may need to configure them yourself, and even if they are configured it will be to a “one-size-fits-all” standard configuration which may not necessarily be optimal for every website.

A Non-managed WordPress website simply means a web hosting plan, that provides access to the WordPress software, however, there is no software or plugins pre-installed that will improve the performance of your website. You can still install your own plugins but have to purchase and maintain them yourself, and this is why a Non-Managed Hosting service is sometimes preferable to the “Do-It-Yourselfer”.

At Unbranded Space we provide a Managed Hosting Service but also feel that a Managed Service should also mean that WordPress and the plugins (add-ons) installed are set up and configured to perform optimally and that they are monitored constantly to ensure they remain optimal. We can do this because we add a Managed WordPress Maintenance Service to the Websites we build. We, therefore have an intricate understanding of how every website we manage has been built and what is required to keep the website running at its best.

For the websites we build, we bundle Managed WordPress Hosting Plans with a Managed WordPress Service to provide the best possible service, convenience and peace of mind for our clients.

Do You Provide Domain Name Registrations?

Yes, we do. Unbranded Space is able to register .com,, .au and hundreds of other TLDs (Top-level domains). We do not sell domains directly to the public but provide this service exclusively to our clients. We are a registered reseller of domains and provide a service that covers all aspects of managing a domain, including DNS hosting and Change of Registrant (CoR) Services.

Do You Provide Email Hosting?

Yes, we do. We provide dedicated cloud-based email hosting built on the Axigen email platform. Pricing is available on enquiry.

If your website is also hosted with us, then you will receive a discount between 25% to 75% off our standard pricing. The discount will be determined by which hosting plan you have with us.

What Is a WordPress Service Plan?

An Unbranded Space WordPress Service plan is a maintenance plan that includes installation, configuration and ongoing technical support for your WordPress site. WordPress Maintenance is highly recommended for any website built by WordPress

Our Service Plans also include a suite of paid plugins that we can deploy to your website as needed*. These include:

  • Regular Cloud Server Backups of your WordPress site with the UpdraftPlus Premium Plugin (valued at over $100 p/a). These Backups are in addition to the server backups that occur with our WordPress Hosting Plans
  • WPMUDEV Suite – A Suite of plugins that include Image Optimisation, Site Security Monitoring, Automated updates, SEO & Speed optimisation tools and more… (valued at over $135 p/a)
  • A choice of Page Builder, including the popular Elementor Pro, provides you with an intuitive and simple way to update your website pages. (Valued from $70 p/a)
  • Jet Engine & ACF Pro for creating advanced data-driven websites
  • and much more …

By including these plugins free with our WordPress Service plan we save our clients hundreds of dollars every year. We are acquiring new plugin multisite licenses all the time so this list will continue to grow

*We only install the plugins that are needed by your website to avoid plugin “bloat”. These plugins are only available with a WordPress Service plan when your website has been built by Unbranded Space.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Website Hosted?

Website hosting can be obtained relatively cheaply, however, for businesses that rely on their website to be up and running all the time, price should not be the only factor considered. Quality of service and level of support are factors that need both be considered when purchasing a hosting service for your business.

At Unbranded Space we provide hosting specifically optimised for WordPress. WordPress Hosting provides many benefits for businesses. We also strongly recommend that businesses have a WordPress Service Plan in place. We have combined Hosting & Service plans starting from $363 (GST inc) per annum.