The Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Not all hosting services are created equally. Many are not optimised specifically for the WordPress platform. Unbranded Space’s Managed WordPress Hosting provides performance and “peace of mind”.

Your Site is Hosted on Australian Servers

We provide hosting on reputable Australian servers. You should always aim to have your website hosted in the same country where you expect most of your customers to come from. However, we can also source hosting based outside of Australia in the most geographically relevant location to your website visitors. If you market to multiple locations then we can add a Content Delivery Network solution to provide fast delivery of your website to anywhere in the world.

Optimised for WordPress

Our servers are optimised to work with WordPress using Litespeed Server Software. All host accounts are protected by a Firewall and Malware monitoring with hourly account backups1 for minimal data loss should they ever be required. With a Managed Hosting service, your website is preconfigured to take full advantage of these services, and we will manage and monitor your server for you.

Our hosting service makes it easy to create clones or staging versions of your WordPress website2. These can be used to test out new features prior to deploying them to your website. In almost all cases a cloned or staging site is something that we will manage for you, and we deploy these as required. 

Managed By Us, With Nothing For You To Do

With an Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Hosting service, you can leave it up to us to make sure your website is running smoothly and focus your valuable time on your business. When bundled with a WordPress Maintenance Plan you have everything you need for a fast, reliable and secure website.

Got a Question About WordPress Hosting?

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  1. Account backups include your WordPress website and anything else on the server. When combined with a WordPress Maintenance plan, a Managed WordPress Hosting plan provides a second layer of protection and backups as the Maintenance plan includes plugins that protect the security of your website and provide full scheduled backups of your WordPress installation. 
  2. Staging & Cloning is only available on our plans that have higher storage capabilities.