Why WordPress Maintenance is Necessary

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular and powerful is that it is always evolving to provide the latest features that can be included in modern websites. The cost of this innovation is that to keep your website running optimally you need to make sure that it is updated regularly.

Keeping WordPress Updated

The WordPress development team, as well as plugin developers, are releasing updates constantly. This means that any website that is built with WordPress needs to be updated regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest versions of WordPress and the plugins. An update might fix an issue, improve on a feature, introduce an entirely new feature or provide a fix to a previously unknown security vulnerability.

A modern feature of WordPress is that updates can be set to perform automatically. This works fine most of the time, but the reality is that issues do occasionally occur. An update may cause a compatibility issue between plugins or with WordPress itself. When this happens the result may be a minor glitch on your website, or it could result in a critical error where your website fails to load. Unless you are visiting your website daily, you may find your site out of operation for an extended amount of time.

What Should a WordPress Maintenance Plan Include

The four components of any Maintenance Plan for WordPress Should include :

  1. Scheduling – being able to make sure updates happen during times that impact your customers least.
  2. Backups – Scheduling your site to create a backup before updates occur. This way if something goes wrong, a working version of your site can be restored.
  3. Monitoring – Keeping track of when updates occur and receiving instant notification if a problem occurs
  4. Expertise – If a problem does occur, then you need the expertise of someone who can step in, find and fix any issues.

Unbranded Space’s WordPress Maintenance Plans provide convenience and “peace of mind”. We customise every WordPress Maintenance schedule to ensure your website stays up-to-date but with the least inconvenience to your website visitors. 

Every Maintenance plan includes scheduled backups and updates, 24/7 uptime monitoring that keeps us notified of the status of your website. If something does occur, then we have the expertise to find the issue and fix it1 with the least inconvenience to your business or your customers.

The Unbranded Space Bonus

Our maintenance plans already include licenses for highly reputable plugins that provide Update Scheduling, backups & monitoring. However, we also include extra plugins that provide exceptional value to our customers :

  • a Visual Page Builder for optional easy editing of your site pages,
  • automated image file optimisation that reduces the file size of any image uploaded keeping your pages loading fast.
  • Security Tools that provide malware scanning, blocking of unauthorised attempts to access your site, 2-Factor Authentication and much more.
  • Self-Management SEO tools.

With an Unbranded Space WordPress Maintenance Plan, you can leave it up to us to make sure your website is running smoothly and focus your valuable time on running your business. When bundled with our WordPress Hosting Plans you have everything you need for a fast, reliable and secure website.

Got Questions About Our WordPress Maintenance Service

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  1. Additional Costs apply to resolve issues caused by updates to WordPress or plugins.