How will I know that I am getting value for my hours?

While we believe that the value will be evident in the work that we create for you, we do understand the “leap of faith” that might be involved in making the financial commitment to our Agency Subscription Plans. The reason we provide these plans is because we believe they are a win/win scenario for us and our clients. 

For us it means we have greater flexibility in how we can provide services to our clients. It removes a major hurdle of the rigidity of fixed contracts* and the time it takes to get them in place. Sometimes a project can be delayed by months in negotiations over a contract, whereas with an Agency Subscription plan, we can often get started immediately. It saves us time and makes our scheduling easier and this is why we provide discounts on our hourly rate for subscribers. Our Agency Plan subscribers win because they get our services cheaper and with quicker results. 

In summary, we want our clients to use our Agency Growth Plans, but we know that they will only do that if they feel as if they are getting value from them. This reason alone is enough to ensure that we constantly strive to achieve the best results and value for our clients.

*We can and do still provide fixed contracts on request.