Why Do We Use WordPress Multisite?

There are many benefits to WordPress Multisite vs Single Site and therefore where Unbranded Space is building your website we will build it on a Multisite network. This provides us with better tools for managing your website and gives you the business owner greater flexibility with options to grow your website along with your business.

In some cases, we may be managing your WordPress website but did not originally build it and it might be that your website is a Single Site setup. In these cases, we may suggest converting your website into a Multisite setup for overall better management.

We feel it is important to reassure you that we do not share your Multisite setup with other client websites. With the exception of our budget plan (more on that in the paragraph below), all client websites are set up on their own unique Multisite Installation, with just one site. We will only add other subsites to your Multisite Network that benefit your business and that you have agreed for us to create.

Yes we do have a special budget plan that is available to small websites that are 5 pages or less, and these sites will be sharing a Multisite network with other business websites. We limit the number of sites we place on each multisite installation and monitor this service carefully to ensure that the network is never overloaded.