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  • Single Page Design
  • Dynamic Animated Rollover effects
  • Gallery Slideshows
Gan Eden Media Home Page

Gan Eden Media is the website for commercial photographer & videographer Lee Mullen. It’s purpose is to promote the wide range of photography and video services that Lee can provide as well as offering a showcase of his awesome photos & videos.

When Lee approached Unbranded Space he already had a pretty good looking website, however, it was built on a platform that was no longer supported by its developers so there was an urgent need to have the site rebuilt on a new platform. A secondary requirement was to be able to edit the content on the website so that Lee could update his portfolio whenever he wished. The exiting platform did allow its users to edit content but it wasn’t the easiest of Content Management Systems to use.

Our suggestion was that we took what was already good about the existing website – a strong visual style, but make it better and rebuild it in WordPress. We also suggested optimising the site structure. Many of the pages had very little content on them, and we suggested amalgamating most of the content into a single page, with only the galleries displayed on separate pages. This allowed us to build a visually strong home page that streamlined the process of navigating through Gan Eden Media’s website.

We also took the opportunity to add some visual enhancements that we felt complimented the websites purpose. We added effects such as a subtle animated zoom on the main slideshow as well as a dynamic rollover effect on selected buttons that suggests the effects of looking through a camera lens.

The end result is that Gan Eden Media now provides a more engaging experience for the viewer. The website provides Lee with a great platform for showcasing his work with a simpler way to update content.

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