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  • Redesigned sie with an updated logo and a new colour palette
  • Easy content editing for multiple sections of the website
  • Ability to promote workshops and other events on the website including a booking form.

Vanessa Kay is a Self-Regulation consultant who is currently working in Western Australia. She works with young people and families, schools and other professionals, to share a process that can help to rewire your internal operating system and lead you to a more purposeful, motivated and fulfilling life.  One that allows you to thrive in your challenges and not just survive.

Unbranded Space had already designed a site for Vanessa, however, a change of location and a different focus on the business in July 2023 called for a change of focus on the website as well. The redesigned website places more emphasis on Vanessa Kay & Innerwise with a presence in Perth, Western Australia. The new website provides Vanessa with an easy-to-maintain site allowing her to perform easy updates to specific content areas such as Adding and editing workshops that InnerWise Education conduct in the community.

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