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  • UX & Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Logo Design
  • Template structure for simple maintenance
MERA Devices

Marine Energy Research Australia (MERA), formally Great Southern Marine Research Facility (GSMRF), is a knowledge and innovation hub for the ocean renewable energy sector. 

Unbranded Space were approached by MERA with a primary goal for the website to establish an engaging presence where content could be updated. An important element was to be able to showcase the live satellite feed of wave data that was being recorded offshore at Torbay. 

Unbranded Space worked with various parties to make the website a reality. We worked closely with facility management to develop the structure and content for the website. We also designed the MERA logo.

Finally, we worked with other members and web developers to understand how the live wave data was recorded and how we could turn that data into something visual. Our solution for the wave data feed was to create a custom WordPress plugin that remotely accesses the satellite data and imaging. This data was then converted into information that could be represented on screen, and sequenced into a simple looping animation. 

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