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  • Learning Management System with course and user enrolments management
  • Integrated with E-commerce for direct course enrolment and online payment
  • Daily email notifications of new course content
  • User segmenting providing versatile options for communicating with enrolled users
  • Blogging engine integrated with Mailchimp for content marketing
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Melissa Hadfield is a highly experienced kinesiologist who works with people to gently remove past traumas that can negatively impact and prevent them from achieving their full potential and life purpose.

As her business grew Melissa realised that there was a huge potential to deliver her programs online to a global audience and approached Unbranded Space to build her a website that accepts online enrolments and payments and then delivers automated course content to her enrolled users on specified days.

The website incorporates a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows Melissa to deliver daily course content to the individual user’s inbox. Each daily email links directly to exclusive content that is only accessible to the enrolled user. The LMS also allows for limited enrolment periods enabling Melissa to have total control over the delivery times and duration of each scheduled course.

The website integrates with Mailchimp to segment the users into individual course groups giving Melissa the versatility to communicate with individual users, users enrolled in a specific course, or all users who have signed up to her website.

The website also has a blog allowing Melissa to post information and news about her practice as well as providing an effective avenue for marketing her content online.

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