Is a Service Plan Actually Necessary?

The WordPress platform is an extremely powerful piece of software that allows for the creation of fantastic-looking websites with an incredible amount of functionality. The functionality can be expanded using plugins, which are like add-ons for the platform. Plugins can add new features or perform functions such as automated backups, security monitoring, SEO and much, much more. These plugins often require their own license be paid and the cost can mount up where a single website owner may be paying hundreds if not thousands per year for plugin licenses.

The benefit of using an Agency like Unbranded Space is that we have the buying power to purchase bulk licenses. While these are expensive for a single site, it becomes cost-effective when we spread the cost out by building it into what we charge for our service plans. This allows us to dramatically reduce the cost of plugins for our clients.

Of course, the cost of licenses isn’t all we include in our service plans, we also ensure that backups, uptime monitoring, security checks and much more are all included as part of our service plans.

So while technically the answer to the question of “Is a Service Plan Actually Necessary?” might be no. The cost of not having one, both in terms of the ongoing financial burden as well as the lack of add-on features that our plans provide, means that it is much more preferable to have one.