Can I still have a standard contract arrangement?

While our plans provide the best value through discounts on our hourly rate as well as the convenience of being able to easily request work with a faster turnaround, we can still provide a fixed contract as an alternative to an Agency Growth Subscription Plan.

The way a contract arrangement works is that we will put together a proposal with the exact specifications of the job that also includes a quote for the cost of services proposed. Upon your agreement to the proposal, we will send you a contract for digital signing.

Before putting together a proposal we will need to talk to you about your needs. A 15-minute phone call is enough for us to usually provide a ballpark figure. However, unless you are absolutely sure about your needs then you may need to first schedule us for a consultation. This is an additional fee for service that must be paid for when needed if no existing contract is in place. When you purchase an Agency Growth Subscription Plan, by comparison, you can have the consultation included and thus also benefit from a cheaper hourly rate.

We accept that, for some, a fixed contract may feel like a more secure arrangement because it is how traditionally this kind of work has been conducted. However, if this is your only reason for wanting a fixed contract then we encourage you to try one of our Agency Growth Plans. We are motivated to make this process work because our Agency Growth Plans can only succeed if our clients are happy.

If you’re still unsure, then you could try a cheaper Growth Plan and see how it works for you. If after a month of using a Growth Plan, you would still prefer a fixed contract then we can make that happen. You’ve benefited from getting work at a cheaper rate, but the remainder of the job can be provided with a fixed contract and quote.