What Do I Need to Provide to Get My Website Built?

What you need to provide us in order to get your website built will depend on the potential size of the website, the purpose of the site and the budget allocated.

The most important thing for any website is the content that goes onto each page of your site. Content includes written information as well as images, videos and anything else that may be available to view on your website. So one of the first questions we will ask you is “Who Is Providing the Content ?”

Providing the content yourself can save you a considerable sum in the up-front build costs, however, it is going to be time consuming for you and you may not have the skills that a professional copywriter can provide. Copywriting for the web is a specific discipline that not only involves writing information that is engaging and informative, but also will ensure that Search Engines can find the information and begin ranking your site on specific keywords or phrases.

Unbranded Space provides services where we can assist with content development via a Content Strategy. It may be necessary to budget for copywriting and perhaps even the skills of a professional for photo/videography, but sometimes stock images can be used as a cost saver. A Content Strategy will often take the form of a digital marketing campaign, where the cost is spread out over the length of the campaign and the budget is set according to the goals set for the campaign.

Initially, the only thing you need to provide is some of your time. If you can spare 15 Minutes for a phone call, then we can discuss some realistic ball-park estimates. Based on that conversation you will then know exactly what the next step will be. If a Content Strategy is required then we will organise a time to meet and discuss the requirements in more detail.