What is the Difference Between Managed WordPress Hosting and Simply Having a Non-Managed WordPress Website on a Hosting Service?

The term “Managed WordPress Hosting” can mean a few different things. At the bare minimum, a Managed WordPress Hosting Service will mean that the web server hosting your WordPress website is optimised specifically for the purpose of running WordPress. A Managed WordPress Hosting Service will sometimes provide access to plugins (add-ons), but you may need to configure them yourself, and even if they are configured it will be to a “one-size-fits-all” standard configuration which may not necessarily be optimal for every website.

A Non-managed WordPress website simply means a web hosting plan, that provides access to the WordPress software, however, there is no software or plugins pre-installed that will improve the performance of your website. You can still install your own plugins but have to purchase and maintain them yourself, and this is why a Non-Managed Hosting service is sometimes preferable to the “Do-It-Yourselfer”.

At Unbranded Space we provide a Managed Hosting Service but also feel that a Managed Service should also mean that WordPress and the plugins (add-ons) installed are set up and configured to perform optimally and that they are monitored constantly to ensure they remain optimal. We can do this because we add a Managed WordPress Maintenance Service to the Websites we build. We, therefore have an intricate understanding of how every website we manage has been built and what is required to keep the website running at its best.

For the websites we build, we bundle Managed WordPress Hosting Plans with a Managed WordPress Service to provide the best possible service, convenience and peace of mind for our clients.