How much Should a Logo Cost ?

One of the most difficult design costs to quantify is a logo. Logos often appear as simple graphics and it is difficult to imagine the level of research, thought, and work that has gone into it. It isn't helped by the numerous websites out there that claim to be able to provide a logo for under $50. The old saying "You pay for what you get" really does apply, and when you engage a design agency to create your logo, the graphic you see on a page, piece of clothing, or screen is only the tip of the iceberg.

Let us tell you about the 90% of the logo design process that you never see. In doing so, we will answer the question of how much a logo should cost, by providing an understanding of the process involved and also the real value that a logo and branding can provide your business.

The Logo Design Process

Professional design agencies will always have a process in place for developing a logo. Every logo will usually go through a similar design process of research, brainstorming of ideas, concept development, choosing a design, refining the design, and finally producing the finished artwork. Even if we are developing an entire brand this process essentially goes through those same phases.

Research & Brainstorming

The amount of research and brainstorming involved can vary. If a client has very clear ideas about what kind of concept or imagery they are after, then we can run with that, however, often we will suggest that the research and brainstorming stages still occur. This may result in a great idea that the business owner had not considered.

Research and brainstorming take time and this time forms a part of the cost of what you pay for your logo. Our research is informed by what we learn about your business, your industry, and your target group (usually your customers). We consider not only aesthetics but the psychology of colour and imagery and the impact this will have on your target audience.

Concept Development

The Research and development phase is about identifying a concept. At the end of that phase, we involve you in making the decision about which concept to move forward with. With a concept chosen we then develop that concept further. Developing a concept involves exploring a range of visual ideas. We are always working within a budget, so this exploration is not endless. We value our time and have developed a critical eye to ensure that we create quality designs within the time available.

Refinement & Final Approval

At the end of the Concept Development phase, you will again be invited to select the single design that we move forward with. You may have some feedback and we can continue to refine the logo for final approval. Again we will work within the budget allocated to the design project. When the final design is ready we create the files for deploying the design to both print and digital display formats.

The Value Our Process Provides

We essentially base our costs on the time we spend designing your logo, however, the value for you is not just in paying for our time. There is additional value that our logos provide:

Your Logo is Original

When you get your logo designed by a professional you know that the work is original. You want original work for a number of reasons, but two that we think are important are:

  1. You avoid a costly legal dispute about your logo looking too similar to another company/business logo.
  2. Because we have researched, your business does not become associated with another brand or some kind of other negative connotations that might exist with poorly chosen imagery or colours.

The sad truth is that if you have only paid a very small amount for your logo, then the chances are that the “designer” may actually be using stock artwork. Stock artwork may be able to be purchased, but it is still owned by its creator. This means that you may not be able to trademark your logo or could even mean that you are caught up in a case of Intellectual property infringement.

Your Brand Is Protected

Because your logo is original you can apply for a trademark. Any business that is producing a product should trademark the business and/or product name as well as the logo. The trademark process takes time and applications for trademarks on logos can be disputed on grounds of looking too similar to another design. Having your logo designed by a professional designer limits the possibility of this happening.

Your Logo Can Form Part of Your Larger Brand Identity

Working with a professional Design Agency means that you have the option to build on or incorporate your logo into an overall brand strategy. Your logo may be only one aspect of branded material you wish to have produced. Your brand may also involve your website, stationery, social media banners, print advertising, uniforms, and product packaging. A design agency has the ability and resources to make this happen for you.

Setting a Budget For Your Logo Design

Understanding the above should provide some insight into the work involved in the design process, and the value that your business should place on it. Usually, a logo budget will begin at around $1000, but the cost can vary significantly depending on the amount of research required, whether or not we develop additional concepts and how much refinement is involved.

We encourage you to get in touch and discuss your requirements for your business branding today.

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