Why Branding is Important

Your Brand connects you to your customers. It communicates your business's identity and values. It ties together, all of the ways that your customers engage with your business. Digital Branding can incorporate your logo, tagline or slogan, website, social media profiles, banner advertising and anywhere else your business appears online. It can also incorporate non-digital mediums such as stationery, print advertising, uniform embroidery and packaging. The importance of a well-designed and effective Brand Strategy should not be underestimated.

Branding is much more than just a logo. The logo forms part of your brand, but the difference is that developing a brand involves a strategy that includes every aspect of how your business engages with your customers. The strategy is important because it sets out a plan for a concise and cohesive way for communicating with your customers.

Working with a digital design agency such as Unbranded Space means that we can work with you to develop your brand strategy. We can create your logo, website, and the media for the various digital or print spaces your business appears in. We can also create your Brand Style Guide.

A Brand Style Guide is like your handbook for anyone internal or external to your business that needs to create material that is seen by your customers. It can range from a simple document providing the logo, fonts & colours that can be used, to a complex document providing detailed instructions on how to present your business across all forms of media.

Does Your Business Need a Brand Strategy?

Taking the above into account, the need for a brand strategy should be a fairly easy decision. However, below are some examples of business models where we think a brand strategy is most important

  • Corporations or medium to large-scale businesses with strong direct involvement with the public
  • Corporations or medium to large-scale businesses wanting to develop a healthy and inclusive internal employee culture
  • Any business selling products either online or through retail outlets.
  • Any business providing a service online
  • Any business wishing to reinvent itself with a clear line between the old and the new.

If any of the above or for any other reason your business needs a Brand Strategy then talk to Unbranded Space today.

Looking for a Brand Strategy for Your Business? Get in Touch.

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