Our Digital Marketing Process

Unbranded Space's primary digital marketing focus is on developing an effective and measurable Content Marketing Strategy for our clients. A strategy's primary focus is on optimising the potential for your website to be found by your existing and potential customers when they search online. Once found, your website is then used as the springboard for creating leads and converting sales for your business.  

Every business requires its own unique digital marketing strategy. There are a number of established practices that can be adopted to increase the exposure of your brand to your customers. Choosing which is best for your business and budget and doing it in a way that gets results is where Unbranded Space can help you.

How Our Digital Marketing Process Works

It Starts with a Discussion

Every Digital Marketing Campaign starts with us getting to know your business, and the quickest and most effective way to do this is to talk about it with you. We will usually be able to give you some idea of what we can provide after a 15-minute phone call. Often this will lead to a longer meeting, where we can meet in person (location permitting) or online. We will ask you quite a few questions and in doing so learn about your business, your customers, and how your website and the marketing of your website will help your business and brand grow.

Then We Research

Our research phase allows us to learn about your customers, who they are, where they are, and what motivates them. We dig deep into your competitors to discover what works and what doesn’t and if there is an opportunity to stand apart. The amount of research required will vary depending on the size of your market and the nature of your business.

Building Towards a Unique Strategy

Our research and discovery work culminates in a strategy that is custom designed for your business. A strategy may involve building a new website or working with an existing one. A strategy could be a one-time event (usually a new website) or a 6 to 12-month campaign, or a combination of these. Campaigns allow achievable growth targets to be set, where we focus on generating content that creates leads via your website. A content marketing campaign will often continue to generate leads for your business even after the campaign ends.

Implementation & Review

Be it a one-time event such as building a website or a campaign, we will put the mechanisms in place for measuring success.

A campaign involves an ongoing cycle of implementation and review. We capture data from the beginning allowing us to get exact feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign along the way. This allows us to refine and also be adaptable to any unexpected trends or events that occur during your campaign.

In every strategy we implement we provide you with a way to view measurable information on its success. We will provide you with honest and reliable feedback about the outcomes to expect from running further campaigns so that you can measure the ongoing Return on Investment in your digital marketing.

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