New Managed WordPress “Streamline” Plan Released

Streamline WordPRess Hosting

Unbranded Space have released a new plan that provided the benefits of Managed WordPress at a reduced cost. Not every businesses website needs are the same but we feel confident we have a plan that will work for you.


The Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Streamline Plan sits between our Essentials & Business plan. It addresses a need where the Essential Plan might be too limiting, allowing for larger more complex WordPress websites while also providing many of the benefits of a Business Plan.

Let’s quickly recap on our existing plans and where they are a good fit. Any prices detailed below are GST inclusive.

Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Essentials Plan

Suited for:

  • Small websites (5 pages or less)
  • Low annual budget
  • Promotional Websites

This plan is designed to allow small business startups or businesses with low online requirements to get online with WordPress at a minimal cost. It is intended for websites that require only 5 pages or less of fixed content (ie. content that does not change often and must be manually updated).

We think this plan might be ideal for a number of businesses that really just need a website to promote their presence. Small accommodation providers like B&Bs, fitness instructors, self-employed tradies are just some examples of the type of operator this plan might suit.

All websites include security software that scans for Malware and block attempts to hack the website. The server that the site is hosted on is backed up daily so your site is never going to get lost. Updates to WordPress and the plugins are automatically performed as they are released.

The plan does not include a free domain registration, or email hosting, but both of these can be provided at low additional costs, with domains starting at $22 per year and Dedicated Email Hosting starting at $44 per year.

Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Business Plan

Suited for:

  • Small to large size websites.
  • Websites requiring some advanced features
  • Websites that operate a portion of their business online
  • Small eCommerce sites

The Business plan is our most popular plan. It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who need a website with Dynamic content. Examples of Dynamic Content are Blogs, Ecommerce, Members Portals, Events Managers and much more. Generally speaking, if a website has to do something other than just display content (ie. text, images, videos) on specifically create pages, then it is likely to display Dynamic Content.

Examples of businesses that might require this plan are small online stores (that have a limited range of products), businesses that want to use a blog for content marketing, medium-size corporate entities that require lots of pages that are controlled by templates, Doctors Surgeries or Dental Practices that require an integrated appointment booking system, and many more.

This plan includes the security benefits of the Essentials plan, plus more. As well as server backups, we also perform weekly site cloud backups. A server backup can only be restored in the event of a server-wide incident. The cloud backups provide a specific backup of your website that can be recovered at any time and adds an additional layer of assurance.

Essential WordPress security updates are automatically installed, but other backups such as major WordPress releases and plugin updates are performed manually on a monthly basis. After performing the updates, we perform a visual audit of your website to ensure that no anomalies have appeared as a result of a plugin or WordPress change.

The plan includes the option of incorporating email hosting at no additional cost as well as 1 free .com or domain registration and ongoing renewals. Additional domains can be purchased from $22 per year.

Unbranded Space Managed WordPress E-commerce Plan

Suited for:

  • Large Ecommerce Sites
  • Websites requiring advanced features that demand higher storage and server resources
  • Websites that operate primarily business online

This one is self-explanatory and is designed for businesses who need a robust e-commerce website. We install the powerful WooCommerce engine, which is fully functional “out-of-the-box” but also has an amazing array of plugins (add-ons), that will provide any feature you are likely to ask for.

It is possible to include WooCommerce with our Business plan, but we only recommend this for sites with a limited range of products (30 – 40 max). The E-commerce plan has a much higher CPU & Memory resource allocation for better performance as well as a very generous 25GB of storage that accommodate thousands of products.

Security and Updates are the same as the business plan, with the exception of site cloud backups, which in addition to the weekly site backups also includes a daily database backup.

Like the Business plan there is the option of including email hosting as well as a free .com or domain.

Now Introducing the Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Streamline Plan

Suited for:

  • Small to medium-size websites
  • Websites that are primarily promotional or information based
  • Businesses that operate primarily as brick-and-mortar, but need an online presence.

We know that the cost of the Business plan may be considered too high by some small businesses, and that is why we have introduced the Streamlined plan. The Streamline plan is ideal for websites that need more than 5 pages but still essential want to display static (or fixed) content ie. pages that essential display information, be it text, images or websites, and don’t require more advanced features.

The Essentials plan has a 5-page limit and pages can only be edited by the site owner. With the Streamline plan there is no page limit and new pages can be created and managed by the site owner.

The Essentials plan only provides a limited number of plugins (add-ons), however like the Business plan any plugin can be requested on the Streamline plan. Care should be taken though, as advanced plugins that require a lot of server storage space and high memory may mean either the Business or E-commerce plan is needed.

Updates to plugins as well as WordPress updates are all automated. We would not recommend automated updates for larger websites displaying dynamic content or e-commerce sites as it is possible that an update may result in unexpected behaviour. However, for static sites – the sites we recommend for this plan that will generally not have many plugins installed, automatic updates are ideal.

The lower cost compared to our business plan unfortunately does mean that we can not include a free domain or optional free email hosting with the Streamline Plan. However, we can still provide domains and dedicated Email Hosting at a modest additional cost as detailed in the Essential plan above.


We hope the above outlines the differences between our plans and you can identify which one suits your business best. For more information please head on over to our Managed WordPress page to view the cost of our plans and compare the specifications of each.

We think the Unbranded Space Managed WordPress Streamline Plan is an exciting addition to our range of Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Services and are confident that we have the solution that is going to suit the needs of your business. The information in this article provides an overview and comparison of our plans and Unbranded Space are always happy to discuss your business website needs in greater depth.

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