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Your Brand Connects You to Your Customers

Every business has core values that they hold true. These values are conveyed through the products that are sold or the service that is provided. When a customer can perceive your values you create a connection with them. This connection builds loyalty to your business and that is what brand identity is all about. A successful brand means every part of your business is communicating a consistent message. It isn’t a simple logo design. It is the thought and meaning behind the logo. The logo is essentially a concise visual representation of your business values. All other forms of visual material then tie into your logo and in doing so stay true to your original values. This is your brand. 

What is in a Brand

Your brand is how your business is perceived by your customers. In a more practical sense your brand is determined by the way you communicate with your customers and all of the visual aspects of your business that are visible to them. It is your logo, it is your advertising, it is your website, your Facebook page, your stationery and even your email signature. It all matters because each of these things say something about your business. 

Developing a brand identity means ensuring that your visual material is consistent. Unbranded Space can help your business ensure that your brand identity is clear and coherent. Our solutions are scalable from producing individual designs and document templates to developing an entire style guide which your business can then use to inform others about how your brand should be presented.

How to Think About Your Brand

The chances are that you have already done a lot of the thinking required for your brand. If you are a small business owner then it may happen when you created your business plan. For larger organisations, there should be an organisational or company vision statement to draw on. Sometimes the mission or vision statement can be a little too broad so here are the two more concise questions you should ask:

They may seem like the same thing, but they are often critically different. Your goals may be to sell a lot of products, but your customer’s goals might more likely be to want an enjoyable experience, be able to find what they are looking for, and feel that they have obtained a high-quality product or service. Sometimes these goals can be at cross purposes and many business owners design their branding around their own goals and values rather than those of their customers. They can be in alignment but it is important to be aware that they can be different and that your brand identity and the goals and values of your customers are not pulling in different directions. 

People have emotional and associative responses to colours and shapes and that is where an experienced graphic designer comes in. When we develop your brand we align your business values with those of your customers. We will ask you several questions that are designed to help us learn about your business and your customer’s aspirations. We can then ensure that your branding across all areas from print to online as well as signage and other media advertising is both honest and cohesive to your vision. 

Each Service can be provided in isolation or combined for a complete solution.

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